& Assessment

GASR offers a wide spectrum of services pertaining to System Certifications, Product Certifications and Assessment Tools to help your organization meet its goals. With our expertise & support, your workforce will strengthen their skills so your business succeeds in today's complex world.

Why assessment is important

  • Assessments are important tool to demonstrate to all our stakeholders that our products, materials, services, systems, processes or people measure up to the expectations of a relevant standard or specification.

How the name ISO was decided

  • The word "International Organization for Standardization" would have different acronyms in different languages ("IOS" in English, "OIN" in French "), therefore its founders decided to give it a short, all-purpose name "ISO", derived from the Greek isos, meaning "equal".
  • Whatever the country, whatever the language, the short form of the organization's name is always ISO.

Why CE Marking?

  • CE Mark is the gateway for the companies who want to export to Europe.
  • CE Mark assures the user of a product that it conforms to the requirements of relevant directive of European union and harmonized European standard
  • A CE Marking on your product will be more valuable than millions of dollars spent on TV advertising

Why ISO standards?

  • Demonstration of products complying to the relevant criteria for quality.
  • Facilitates to gain global access to new markets.
  • Enhances credibility of the product to stand out from the competition.
  • Facilitates in Customer Confidence and Retention

Product Certification

  • Helps to make the processes and services more effective & efficient, safer and cleaner.
  • Facilitate global trade
  • Provide regulators with a benchmark for ensuring health, safety and environmental legislation and conformity assessment.
  • Share technological advances and good management practices.
  • Safeguard interest of all stakeholders.
  • Make life simpler by providing solutions to common problems.